Case study – City of Brno

r1901view KornerovaThe case study will support sustainable regeneration of the social impacted quarter “Bronx“ in Brno, the second largest city of Czech Republic. Brno has a development plan for this location already, but an energy efficiency concept of the location is missing. For this reason the new master plan in the SUSREG project will respect the following principles:

  • taking advantage of the site development potential and amenity values
  • support of the spatial and social regeneration, phase 1 and 2
  • energy saving on the site

Brno_Bronx area ortofoto_zakres2The plan will be prepared in a cooperation with the City of Brno authority, its administration and South Moravian Innovation Centre. Consultation with regional stakeholders will be also very important for this project. After finalization of the project, the plan could be used by the City of Brno authority as a supporting planning document. In the first phase of this project the authority of Brno specified the brownfield area of the former prison, where the Creative Centre Brno project is being developed. Regeneration of Bronx Locality is a Part of The Integrated Urban Development Plan (Integrovaný plán rozvoje města IPRM), which deals with territorial politics and serves as a tool for drawing financial resources from European funds. Brno is considering the preparation of an Integrated Regeneration Program for a submission to the next round of structural funding and it would like to have this study as supporting document. The technical drawings support and energy efficiency consulting of the Bronx location are planned as a subdelivery. The process of preparing the plan will answer following questions:

  • How to support the energy efficiency of the conceptual planning process?
  • How to engage stakeholders in the plan preparation?
  • How will the plan be attractive for local council?