Province of Treviso: the Case study is presented to the stakeholders of the productive Area of Dosson (Casier)

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On 29th of October 2014 took place the final meeting with the stakeholders of the case study which was conducted in the Municipality of Casier by SOGESCA and the Treviso Province.

The meeting was opened by the President of the Province and by the Mayor of Casier and was attended by several enterpreneuers. The draft of action plan for the energy refurbishment of the area (which is a result of the project) was presented and its main activities weere displayed and discussed:IT - NewsL jan - 03

Promoting the energy efficiency in the pilot area through:
A. Actions at area level;
B. Actions at single company level.

Actions in the area
Optimizing the management of the green in terms of landscape and functional including the strengthening of trees in both private and public areas;
A.2 Optimizing the performance of the lightening systems along the roads and the public areas (i.e. constructing photovoltaic roofs on public parking or using LED lamps);
A.3 Promoting the construction of bike paths properly connected with the neighbouring urban centers;
A.4 Reducing the “heat island” effect privileging, for the external areas, permeable paving or with high property solar reflectance;
A.5 Enhancing the supply of collective transport and in particular of the public one;
A.6 Installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of large buildings serving more merged lots;
A.7 Realizing a centralized cogeneration plant or consolidation systems for different lots for the production of electricity and the heating and cooling of the buildings;
A.8 Creating a Energy Agency or an Energy Management system managed by trade associations/ managing authority in collaboration with the municipality.

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