Spain – Final trainings

The final two training days of the SUSREG project in Spain, jointly organized by Tecnalia, Burgos City Council and the Avila Regional Authority, were held in Burgos on 5 and 6 May 2014.

Urban planners, architects, researchers and engineers from both authorities and Tecnalia participated in the course, plus some invited stakeholders. The last days were focused in the finalization of the evaluation of the case study. The analysis evaluated economic and energetic parameters of the Burgos case study and the participants discussed about the decisions defined during the official urban planning. The study showed two clear conclusions: lack of integration of energy issues in urban development projects and lack of clarity during the urban process.

More workshops to increase knowledge

All the participants expressed that the technicians do not have enough information or formation to introduce environmental aspect during an urban planning process. Finally Tecnalia, Burgos City Council and the Avila Regional Authority announced the national workshops that are going to celebrate during the months of March and April in different cities in Spain.

Final SUSREG training Spain