SUSREG has ten project deliverables:

1. On-the-job training and mentoring (D3.7) for 40 professional planners in 9 regional organisations
2. Analysis and concrete recommendations on 10 Regional urban planning strategies (D3.5) in 6 countries
3. Description of 10 case studies (D3.4) from 6 countries

  2. CZ Vysočina
  3. CZ Brno, Bronx
  4. DK Hovedstadsregionen
  5. ES Burgos
  6. IT Emilia Romagna
  7. IT Treviso
  8. NL Nijmegen
  9. NL Arnhem
  10. NL Midden-Nederland
4. Improvement of GPR Urban Planning Decision Making Tool (D2.4)
5. Summaries (D3.6) and lessons learned (D3.7) of 11 full-day training workshops for some 800 professional planners in 6 countries
6. 2 international workshops in the context of international conferences of planners (100 people)
7. One 4-day workshop for 20 Young Professional Planners under auspices of ISOCARP

8. 9 national and international publications at conferences and in professional media
9. Training material for public use, educational programmes and e-learning, specially adapted for use in 6 countries (ES, IT, NL, DK, CZ, CY/GR)
10. Further expected result is the use of training material in masters programmes and other educational programmes for professional planners throughout Europe.


Download the project Final Report here. Other materials can retrieved from the Resources page. Material in the 6 national languages (e.g. training materials for masterclasses and workshops, case study descriptions) are found under the national language sections. More general project deliverables like the Final Report and international conference papers are found in the English section at the Resources page.