In the framework op the European project SUSREG, the knowledge partners organize in close collaboration with the regional partners a series of masterclasses about urban planning and sustainable energy for urban developers.

The SUSREG project offers urban planners the possibility to increase their skills and knowledge in the field of sustainable energy and sustainable urban planning. The masterclasses are developed by a group of European experts in close collaboration with local authorities in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Cyprus. During the 6 masterclasses, participants learn about the integration of sustainable energy in the planning process, with a focus on the build environment. Not only the technical aspects of sustainable energy supply are covered. Much attention is also given to the organisation of the planning process and stakeholder participation, but all in the context of sustainable energy development and zero-carbon building in your own region. Participants get the opportunity work with planning tools such as GPR Urban Planning, a software tool that gives insight in the ambitions of sustainability in urban planning. A local case study from the own region is a central point of discussion during the masterclasses.

Do you sometimes wonder:

  • How sustainable urban planning can be stimulated in your region?
  • What the relation is between (urban) space, buildings and sustainable development?
  • How to create enthusiasm for sustainable urban planning?
  • Who has to be involved in the planning process?
  • How to contribute to CO2-reduction through urban development projects?
  • What the potential is of renewable energy sources in your region?
  • What the opportunities are for your municipalities?

These questions and many others are answered during the masterclasses.
The masterclasses start in early October 2013 and end in March 2014. The SUSREG project is financially supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.