Case study – Burgos railway station area

The development in Burgos is part of the railway area urban development which has been carried out for around 75% of the area, while the remaining 25% is still to be developed. Surrounding areas also present various challenges as they have an on-going urban development.

burgosThe railway area was selected due to the capacity of developing sustainable methodology in an area established within the city limits. The train passed in the past through the whole city, and as it was moved outside, the whole area is now a central area with possibilities to be renewed and refurbished implementing sustainble methodologies and criteria within the city limits, with no necessity of outside new developments. It gives the possibility to implement new roads, houses and streets with more pedestrian areas, bicycle lanes or priority bus lanes, apart from new houses with sustainable criteria applied, as new concepts of the use of energy, heating, water, or in terms of sustainable planning, even using the best orientation for our climate in order to get approach of the sun or wind for the different seasons of the year. Finally, new green areas helping the improvement of the environment will be implemented.

The Burgos local authority and APEA will focus on the developed areas and areas in development in Burgos, as an example of what can be done and what are the possibilities for the surroundings. Burgos has got the firm intention to undertake the 25% remaining work on the railway area. It is not clear due to the financial restrictions nowadays in which moment it will be implemented, but Burgos expects to receive information and good practices from other partners in order to develop with sustainable criteria received thanks to the SUSREG project the remaining part.


Getting ideas to develop the second area, based on the potential existing improvement in the area planned by the famous architects Herzog and De Meuron

Sustainability targets

Reduce energy demand in refurbished areas, old buildings facing the old railways with a sustainable energy demand.

Challenge or bottleneck

Lack of budget. There was a plan in the past regarding rehabilitation in the city centre funded with regional budget not available now. Private and public participation

Link with national plan

New plan of National Government to finance refurbishment based on saving energy


Neighbours of the area, neighbours association, city council departments and the architectures college.