Cyprus – trainings completed

The SUSREG training sessions are completed successfully in Cyprus within 2014. The sessions are organized by Stratagem Energy Ltd in collaboration with the Limassol Municipality.

The sessions concidered very useful by the municipality members as they learned about energy systems unknown to them such as thermal storage and district heating. In addition, they had the chance to learn the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Limassol municipality which concerns energy savings and reduction of the local carbon emmisions.

How to involve energy and mobility issues in planning process?

In Cyprus the Local Urban Plan composed by the municipality usually does not include energy issues. It’s designed every 5 to 10 years by the government. As a result of the trainings Limassol urban planners started thinking about how to involve energy and mobility issues in their new planning process. Furthermore the urban planners updated their financial skills and learnt how to calculate a renewable energy system investment and the payback time.

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